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Green Visions: Center for Renewable Energy

66 Maryland Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94707
Phone 415.425.8314

Dr. Gregory Theyel, President

Gregory has managed over 50 projects for the development of renewable energy over the past 15 years. He has made many presentations and published in the areas of business strategy and renewable energy. He is also an Associate Professor at California State University.
Nelli Theyel, Executive Director

Nelli has worked on numerous renewable energy projects for electric utilities and private entities as an energy research analyst. She has developed and presented energy workshops and published papers on the development of renewable energy. She holds a Masters degree in International Business from Reutlingen University in Germany and is fluent in English, German, Russian, and Spanish.

Olga Yunak, Strategic Associate

Olga has led collaborative efforts to construct and install renewable energy generation facilities. She has been a Lecturer for two years at the Bang School of Business. She holds Masters degrees in Business Strategy and Marketing from California State University.
Kevin Cornish, P.E., Senior Engineer

Kevin is an engineer specializing in the installation of energy equipment. He has managed numerous energy projects, and he is a Professional Engineer in California.